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Length 52 x 13' Year 2012

Format Series Genre Animation

Come into the crazy world of "Vroomiz" with our half-car half-animal friends. Adventures, friends, surprise and a lot of fun are waiting to be discovered. Speeder, this little Cheetah, is our lead; he is the fastest kid in Zippy City and wears it proudly. It’s not easy to become the winner especially when his rival Spunky is around, making any kind of bad plans, but thanks to his friend’s help he can avoid the traps set by him. Adventure, friends, surprise and a lot of fun are waiting to be discovered, do not wait to meet the Vroomiz’s universe!


AB International Distribution

132, avenue du Président Wilson
93213 La Plaine Saint-Denis
Tél. +33 (0)1 49 22 20 01 Fax +33 (0)1 49 22 22 16


AB International Distribution

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Fiche technique


Support Beta Digital

Format Series

Target audience Preschool

Original version(s) Korean

Available version(s) English (Subtitled)


Nationality South Korea

Colour colour

Rights Worldwide



Suhoon Kim


AB International Distribution


Sam G



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