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Blood on the Docks


Length 10 x 90'

Format Collection, Mini-series Genre Fiction

Le Havre, France. The city’s at war as local mobsters and petty gangsters fight over territory, while the police do their best to put an end to the drug trafficking that holds sway over town. Set on a backdrop of social misery, the cases followed by dutiful Inspector Faraday and Paul Winckler, his former partner with completely opposite methods, combine gripping realism and riveting investigations. The series is adapted from the work of one of the UK’s finest crime writers, Graham Hurley.


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Fiche technique


Format Collection, Mini-series

Target audience All

Original version(s) French


Nationality France

Colour colour

Rights World

In production



Edwin Baily


Bernard Marié


Olivier Prieur


Elsa Marpeau


Marc-Antoine Laurent


Jean-Marc Taba


Graham Hurley


Jean-Marc Barr


Bruno Solo


Zodiak Rights


GTV Productions



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