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Buenos Aires Conversations

Length 1 x 52' Year 2013

Format One-off Genre Documentary

Buenos Aires Conversations is a documentary composed of sketches of conversations between artists from the independent film scene on the theme of Argentine cinema and art in Buenos Aires. These conversations are an opportunity to portray a dozen artists, enfants terribles of the city, they are directors, actors, producers, writers, dancers and musicians: Known or emerging, young and impetuous mostly under the protective gaze of a few veterans, all have a fierce determination to remain independent by choice but also and especially a need to create at all costs. Filmed in super 8 in multiple locations in Buenos Aires, the flavor of the Argentine capital emerges throughout the documentary.


Morgane Groupe

3-5, boulevard Georges Seurat
92200 Neuilly sur Seine
Tél. +33 (0)1 41 43 71 00 Fax +33 (0)1 43 43 71 01


Morgane Groupe
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Fiche technique


Support Beta Digital, HD Cam

Format One-off

Target audience All

Original version(s) Portuguese

Available version(s) French (Subtitled)

Nationality France

Colour black & white

Rights World rights





Morgane Groupe


Morgane Production

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