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Cheerleaders: an American Myth


Length 1 x 52' Year 2011

Format One-off Genre Documentary

A look at cheerleaders, the infamous "pom-pom girls". They are synonymous with America. They represent real and imaginary abundance, and a certain ideal of women and social organisation, in a country that -on account of its lack of history- has a need for rituals. Smiling young girls wearing brightly coloured uniforms high-kick and gyrate on the pitch side, cheering on sportsmen under the sunny skies of Texas, Arizona or California. They are a triumphant, radiant and at times, sexually ambiguous youth, from deepest traditional America.


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Fiche technique


Support Beta Digital, HD Cam

Format One-off

Target audience All

Original version(s) French

Available version(s) English (Dubbed, Subtitled)
German (Dubbed, Subtitled)

Nationality France

Colour colour

Rights Worldwide.



Olivier Joyard


ARTE France


Agat Films & Cie / Ex Nihilo



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