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Kassav 30 years live in Stade de France

Length 1 x 142' Year 2011

Format One-off Genre Performing arts

Kassav’ All U Need Is Zouk ! After Bob Marley, the only one capable of drawing huge crowds
Listening to Kassav’s new album by Kassav's is like opening a great bottle of Bordeaux, enjoying National Day fireworks, or watching a World Cup match. Indeed, we have already experienced it, we are familiar with all the rules, and we know in advance the kind of emotions that will be aroused. But each time, we are puzzled, and we find ourselves breaking into thunderous applause.The concert was recorded in Spring and Summer 2011 in Martinique, Guadeloupe, The Barbados, Paris, and Brussels. Kassav’ enjoys tremendous popularity in New York, Miami, all over Africa and throughout the
Caribbean islands. The secret may rest in a unique blend of hedonism, commitment, musical research and festive mood.
‘All U Need Is Zouk’ is meant for greater heights of success.



49, avenue Paul Doumer
75116 Paris
Tél. +33 (0)1 45 62 49 45


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Support Beta Digital

Format One-off

Target audience All

Original version(s) French

Available version(s) French

Nationality France

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François Pinard


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