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Zodiak Rights

TV Production/distribution : Distributors
Cinema : Distributors

115/123, avenue Charles de Gaulle 92200 Neuilly sur Seine France

Tel: +33 (0)1 53 10 91 00 Fax: +33 (0)1 53 10 91 49

Email : contactus.zodiakrights@zodiakrights.com Demo : agnes.baldacchino@zodiakrights.com


Zodiak Rights is the distribution arm of Zodiak Media Group. The company’s highly experienced sales and acquisition teams operate on both sides of the channel. The Paris team mostly distributes documentaries and fiction. Zodiak Rights boasts a catalogue of more than 10,000 hours of programs, including "Dolmen", "Being Human", "Millennium", "Night Squad", "Wallander", "The Blue Bicycle", and "St-Tropez", as well as "Fort Boyard", "How to Look Good Naked", "Sing if You Can", and "Totally Spies!", "Sally Bollywood", "Rekkit Rabbit", "Gormiti", "Street Football" or "Redakai".

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Vidéo The Insider
Vidéo 4 Babies a Second
Vidéo Up and Down
Vidéo Icequake: Panic at the Mont-Blanc
Vidéo A Lovebirds’ Divorce (working title)
Vidéo Myster Mocky Presents
Vidéo Jean-Pierre Mocky, a Collection of Feature Films
Vidéo Aircraft: Exceptional Planes
Vidéo Juvenile Lifers
Vidéo Tribal Showgirls (aka Bluebell Girls Meet the Papuans)

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Team and Contacts

Baldacchino Costa, Agnès

Zodiak Rights Other Department Product Coordinator
Send email Baldacchino Costa, Agnès See contact details

Levy, Monica

Zodiak Rights Sales Team Vice President of sales
Send email Levy, Monica See contact details

Vernière, Eric

Zodiak Rights Sales Team VP Sales Mona Lisa
Send email Vernière, Eric See contact details

Couriat, Catherine

Zodiak Rights Sales Team Vice President of sales
Send email Couriat, Catherine See contact details

Queme, Isabelle

Zodiak Rights Sales Team Sales Manager
Send email Queme, Isabelle See contact details

Subreville, Simon

Zodiak Rights Sales Team International Sales
Send email Subreville, Simon See contact details

Nowak, Marc

Zodiak Rights Direction General Manager
Send email Nowak, Marc See contact details

Tailland, Valérie

Zodiak Rights Direction Head Of Press & Marketing
Send email Tailland, Valérie See contact details
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