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Gaumont Animation

TV Production/distribution : Producers

142, rue de Charonne 75011 Paris France

Tel: +33 1 58 64 55 50 Fax: +33 1 43 98 17 74

Email : contact@gaumontanimation.com Demo : contact@gaumontanimation.com

Founded in 1997, Alphanim (Gaumont Group) is a leading, award-winning producer and distributor of family and children's entertainment. The studio produces around 100 half-hours of TV programming each year as well as animated feature films for theatres worldwide. It was awarded Best European Producer in 2007 by Cartoon Movie as well as many prizes worldwide, confirming its position as a major player in the global kids entertainment industry. Catalogue highlights are "Galactik Football" (78x26’), "Robotboy" (104x13’), "Cooking? Child’s Play! "(39x8’), Annecy TV award-winner "Zombie Hotel" (26x26’) and "Santapprentice" (52x13’).

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Vidéo Lanfeust Quest
Vidéo Dude, That's My Ghost!
Vidéo Gawayn - season 2
Vidéo Zap Jr. High
Vidéo Hairy Scary
Vidéo Robotboy - seasons 1 & 2
Vidéo Zombie Hotel
Vidéo Woofy
Vidéo Cooking?.. Child's Play!
Vidéo Redwall

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Team and Contacts

Ferrand, Marie Pierre

Gaumont Animation Management Assistant To Pierre Belaisch
Send email Ferrand, Marie Pierre See contact details

Carenco, Céline

Gaumont Animation Sales Team Director International Sales
Send email Carenco, Céline See contact details

Tormo, Adeline

Gaumont Animation Sales Team International Sales Manager
Send email Tormo, Adeline See contact details

Petitpas, Cédric

Gaumont Animation Other Department VP Marketing, Consumer Products & Business Development
Send email Petitpas, Cédric See contact details
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